Collaboration, and why it's important.

Collaboration, and why it's important.

The team at 42 Fringe hosted an event along with The Paperback Girls, for one of our longest running clients, Stephanie Schultz. The event was Stephanie's first summit for her brand, Courageously Confident. Not only did we get the chance to provide the space to host it, but we also supplied full-scale production for the event, a production that went LIVE globally and was seen the world over. Now, how cool is that?

Well that was a weekend


Sunday, October 14th

42 Fringe filmed a documentary.

On Sunday, October 14th the team at 42 Fringe got to spend the day with some pretty amazing people filming a documentary for one of our clients, Stephanie Schultz of Xogingy.

Seriously folks, it was an early morning start for some of the team, but by 7:30 am we were ready to roll with meeting up at Integrated Health Center to start filming the first portion of the day.

Steph arrived with her 5 CC ladies just before 8 am and we did a quick run down of what was going to be going on over the next hour and a half, it took a little bit for the camera shyness to dissipate but 10 min in they were right at it in full workout mode.

When that wrapped up they got a nice little break before we headed over to Janna and Kerry’s Over easy Bar and Grill where Janna and Kerry served up some fresh fruit, yummy muffins and some excellent coffee. During this time it was all about capture the CC girls in a relaxed environment chatting and catching up on all they had been doing over the weekend.

Next up was the pampering…Steph lined up professional hair and makeup from The Loft Salon and Sugar Society along with Portraits from Brian, we also one up’d it with providing gowns from Crazy Beautiful Dresses, who just moved there location to Pembroke’s downtown core. After each girls session was done they moved over the the testimonial spot, where they were asked question about the Courageously Confident Program…so many nice things said that when Steph sees it, pretty sure there will be tears…oh wait there were tears, but that you will get to see when the film is complete.

Now what better way to end the night then with some great food and awesome ambiance then at The Nook Creperie Inc. Here is where they really opened up to Steph, like the cameras were not rolling, as if we were not even there. It was such a honest and open moment that we are so happy that we had the opportunity to capture if for not only Steph, but for her community to watch and enjoy and see the passion.

Always be creating…

Always be creating…

Ok that’s enough talk, lets get to some photos of the day!